PT. Sinko Prima Alloy
PT.Sinko Prima Alloy - Jual LED Lamp dan Lampu Ultraviolet

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PT. Sinko Prima Alloy (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

We are professional and experienced in designing electrical and electronic systems, particularly for Solar Power System (Inverter, Solar Charger Controller), Central Monitoring Station, Network Monitoring Station, Remote Monitoring Station, Products Save Energy, Product and System of Public Information (Lights swaballast , LED), and SistemTelekomunikasi Products, Products and Systems Management of Water and Air, etc.
Thanks to the support of all parties, we will continue to work to achieve System to a better life.


Jl. Tambak Osowilangun No. 61, Pergudangan Osowilangun Permai Blok E No. 7-8, RT.002, RW.004, Kel. Tambak Osowilangun, Kec. Benowo Surabaya 60191
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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